May I invite you to take a walk in a particular world just created for the occasion?
Let me also introduce you some characters and creatures you might never seen before.

That's what I do or, at least, that's what I am passionate about.

I am a spanish uk based visual developer for animation and games, illustrator and comic artist always looking for exciting projects to do my best inspiring the audience.


  • Concept Art
  • Digital Painting
  • Illustration
  • Storyboarding
  • Painting
  • Character Design
  • Watercolors
  • Comic Art
  • Book Cover Illustration
  • Productions



    Freelance comission
    February 2011 - May 2014 | Remote, Spain

    Cover illustration, character design, graphic design and book layout for the universe Sillmarem created by Gabriel Guerrero Gómez.


    Freelance comission
    January 2014 - June 2014 | Remote, Spain

    Cover design and promotional art for the dark-fantasy book "Araneida" written by Cecilia García.

    Storyboard artist

    May 2015 - December 2016 | London, United Kingdom

    Storyboard artist on the preproduction of the animated short "Johanne".

    Freelance Concept Artist

    January 2016 - January 2016 | Remote, United Kingdom

    Comissioned freelance concept artist for an ongoing feature film production at Flickerpix.

    Freelance Illustrator/Designer/Art Assistant

    Nucco Brain LTD
    February 2015 - February 2016 | London, United Kingdom

    Freelance artist for various projects including:

    -Art Assistant(ink+color) on an animated TV series pitch.

    -Art Assistant(color) for childrens book illustration.

    -Character design test for a famous TV series.

    -IU development test for a Pac-Man mobile app.

    -Layout and design for a children's book collection proposal.